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The Academy for Transformational Change (ATC) specializes in supporting violence prevention and juvenile justice initiatives.
ATC specializes in working with front line staff and the managers who supervise them, with a specialty on training staff who share similar lived experiences with the individuals and families they serve. Our training is conducted to maximize the transfer of learning through activities, role-plays, and real-life scenarios as well as research and field testing. We prepare your staff to be the change agents of tomorrow.


ATC engages staff in activities prior to the training that increases their excitement for the material that is being explored and the efficacy of the training.


ATC engages staff in needs analysis and self-assessments to ensure that trainees are ready for training and that the training meets their identified needs.


ATC supports staff in identifying and making connections with local resources that can be a source of support to them in the development journey.


ATC provides post-training coaching support to ensure that what is learned in training is applied to the work in the community.