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Executive coaching

The Academy for Transformational Change (ATC) specializes in supporting violence prevention and juvenile justice initiatives.
ATC specializes in working with front line staff and the managers who supervise them, with a specialty on training staff who share similar lived experiences with the individuals and families they serve. Our training is conducted to maximize the transfer of learning through activities, role-plays, and real-life scenarios as well as research and field testing. We prepare your staff to be the change agents of tomorrow.

Hiring and Vetting

ATC helps managers create effective recruitment strategies and policies for identifying culturally competent staff capable of engaging high-risk youth and young adults. We train managers in establishing parameters for new hires: creating a protocol for hiring staff with “shared life experiences.”We show organizations how to conducting “Street Background Checks”: Vetting potential candidates to evaluate integrity, credibility, and the ability to perform job functions.

Working with System Partners

ATC helps frontline staff identify all system stakeholders and establish clarity of their role in the process. We train frontline staff and managers on how to effectively build and maintain social capital with all key stakeholders. Our efforts support staff and managers in developing metrics to determine the health of the partnership and its effectiveness in accomplishing the objectives of the work.

Professional Development

ATC trains frontline staff and managers on strategies for self-care and wellness. Teaching staff to identify, certify and engage in skills building and credentialing programs for long-term career success. Strengthening staffs’ ability to understand the value of social capital and apply it for personal, client and organizational success.

Supervision and Accountability

ATC assists staff in internalizing their outcomes and developing realistic, measurable, and implementable plans to achieve them. We assist staff in self-discovering the importance of supervision and ways to maximize their participation in it. We help staff examine standards of performance and strategies ways to adopt those standards to their work in the community and beyond.