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We train front-line community change agents to
reduce violence, incarceration and recidivism.

The Academy for Transformational Change (ATC) specializes in supporting violence prevention and juvenile justice initiatives.


the 3-day ATC Transformation Academy

The # 1 training program for Credible Messengers and
front-line violence prevention workers and their managers.


Complete all 5 ATC modules and show your staff and stakeholders
that your organization is committed to continuous improvement.
The growth and development of the individual is contingent on the growth and development of those who work with them.
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We improve your staff’s ability to connect to a network of support, opportunities and resources so they can help others to do the same.
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Selected staff will be trained to become Certified Trainers by ATC Master Trainers.
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The Executive Coaching for Leaders (ECL) series is specifically geared to prepare managers to launch and/or support their justice reform initiatives.
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ATC believes the health and safety of staff is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
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Complete all 5 ATC modules and show your staff and stakeholders that your organization is committed to continuous improvement.

Transformational Engagement

We help staff develop the knowledge, skills, and connections to help their clients successfully transition through the stages of change.

Working with System Partners

We help staff work effectively with system partners, community agencies, administrators, and most importantly, each other.

Professional Development

Being a professional and acting professional gets confusing. Being an asset to others means being an asset to oneself.

Supervision and Accountability

Managing client and organizational demands is key to success – and in some cases, survival.


Building a Safe and Effective System (BASES): the 3-month technical assistance effort
to help your organization develop and test safety protocols, policies, and procedures.

What You’ll Get

Transform to Change Academy

The number one training program to improve the professionalism, teamwork, and outcomes of Credible Messenger and Violence Prevention staff.

Our 2022 impact so far

Frontline Violence Prevention Workers/Credible Messengers Supported With Social Capital Literacy Training With 77% Reporting Increases In Social Capital Connections.
Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Using Our Transformational Model To Increase Re-Entry Success (Jobs, Housing, Mental Health).
Justice, Workforce Development And Community Development Organizations Receiving Ongoing Support And Coaching In Our Transformational Model

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